Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WhEn hE aSk mE To Do ThAT...

Salam..uiks..still blh mencelah to update hah!!!....hahahah kekdahnyer. Before terlupa lah katakan..Last nite my hubby ask sumtin that last 2 years i did already..he ask again. Actually not important matter pun but when HUSBAND ask you..you must to do it..SYURGA itu buat ISTERI yg taat dan patuh kepada SUAMI..walau sekecil mana permintaannyer HARUS di laksanakan..yeeeaaazzaa...so InsyaAllah i will did it again this year ...quite funny about that request..will story later hokey...

hint : for what i will do


  1. haaa!!!! mcm bole agak jer apa yg si ilyas mintak tu...hehehe